1 13 2 0.867 231 60 171 8-2-0 W4
2 11 4 0.733 193 109 84 8-2-0 W2
3 10 5 0.667 196 83 113 7-3-0 W1
4 8 7 0.533 156 151 5 5-5-0 W1
5 8 8 0.500 139 142 -3 5-5-0 L1
6 5 10 0.333 109 175 -66 3-7-0 L2
7 4 11 0.267 110 231 -121 3-7-0 L1
8 1 13 0.071 57 252 -195 1-9-0 L2

Prospective Players

Syracuse MSBL is always looking for new players to join our league! With the 2015 season rapidly approaching, teams are starting to really gear up and find guys to fill any voids left from 2014! So keep sending in your name and supporting the Syracuse MSBL! Player forme here.

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2015 PlayOff

The regular season is done. The playoffs are here! It’s win or you’re done. Playoffs start this weekend. It’s three rounds for the Kesselring Cup. The Brewers want to defend their title and continue their dominance. The Dirty Jays have been so close so many times! The Yankees have been strong all year and are…


Syracuse MSBL – Mohawk Valley MSBL All-Star game

It was a beautiful night for baseball in Rome, July 15th. When the Syracuse MSBL and the Mohawk Valley MSBL played the inaugural game of their annual inter-league All-Star Game. Both leagues annually held their own All-Star games, but this year wanted to branch out and test their competitive wills against different competition. The Mohawk Valley MSBL played host to…


Dirty Jays edge rival Reds, 10-4. Stay 1 game out of 1st

Dewitt, NY – The 2015 Syracuse Dirty Jays continued their march towards the Post Season with a 10-4 victory over long time rival, the Syracuse Reds. All-Star Chad King got his first start of the 2015 season and went 8 innings while only giving up 3 runs. King had this to say on his outing,…


Syracuse MSBL All-Star Game

Get out you All-Star ballots the 2015 Syracuse MSBL All-Star Game is almost here. As the regular season nears it’s finale, it’s also time to get the league’s best together in the time honored tradition of an all-star game. This year our league participants will be showing their skills at Onondaga Community College’s brand new…


Syracuse MSBL Homerun Derby

Coming soon: The 6th annual Home Run Derby will soon be here. As always it will be held in the “happy homer dome” that is Sunnycrest field in the city of Syracuse. Sunnycrest may be our smallest field at 315 feet down the lines and in center, but it’s not a gimmie to get the ball out…

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