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D Jays best Swampers

D Jays best Swampers 24-2 at Grimes field.

Brewers beats Chiefs

Brewers beats Chiefs in the 1st game at Sunnycrest 10-3 and go to playoff on 1st Place..

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  • Reds 2013 Champions
  • Just a test article

The Syracuse Reds reclaimed the Syracuse MSBL 2013 Kesselring Cup ending the three year run by the Brewers.

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I am writing this article as a test to see what players of Syracuse MSBL can do, simply by getting a login and choosing to take the time to write an article to share with the league. Today was the 2013 season ending league meeting and the website was talked about! I believe it simply comes down to people want to interact with the site. Anywho, lets see how this looks!

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2014 Season Standings (Extended)

Pos Kesselring Cup Win Lost Pct GB GP RS RA +/-
1 Brewers                
2 Dirty Jays                
3 Swampers                
4 Yankees                
5 Reds                
6 Phillies                
7 Chiefs                

Last Game Results

Matchup Result

Next Games

Next Game
Brewers vs. Reds Sun, Apr 27th 10:00 AM EST
Swampers vs. Phillies Sun, Apr 27th 10:00 AM EST
Yankees vs. Reds Sun, Apr 27th 12:30 PM EST
Chiefs vs. Dirty Jays Sun, Apr 27th 01:30 PM EST
Reds vs. Dirty Jays Sun, May 4th 10:00 AM EST

2014 Syracuse MSBL Season

Win Loss Tied
Brewers 0 0 0
Chiefs 0 0 0
D-Jays 0 0 0
Phillies 0 0 0
Reds 0 0 0
Swampers 0 0 0
Yankees 0 0 0

Prospective Players

Syracuse MSBL is always looking for new players to join our league! With the 2013 season rapidly approaching, teams are starting to really gear up and find guys to fill any voids left from 2012! So keep sending in your name and supporting the Syracuse MSBL!

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